Friday, August 28, 2009

Ramadhan Training session

The Ramadhan training session was held at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. Only some of the SR crewmember due to some problems. We all managed to compile all the clips to produce this Ramadhan training and wish video.

anaz_SR parkour/freerunning sampler 2009

anaz_SR parkour/freerunning sampler 2009. anaz start his parkour and freerunning career since November 2008. this is the results after nearly a year of training. outdoor training. i repeat, "outdoor training". mostly on grass, hard and rough surface. WITHOUT A GYMNASTIC CENTER...

Jamming Session with Ashton from PKSG

Ashton is one of the experienced traceur in Singapore. He came to Malaysia to had a jamming session with the traceurs and freerunners from Malaysia.

Here's the jamming session video.. enjoy.. (",)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

SR tee, button badge and sticker.

The latest design of SR tee...

SR button badge

SR sticker

order can be made by contact us:
Anas, 017-7834656
Hafiz, 017-7007651
Ungku, 0177393133


Abudi's JB trip 2009

Abudi from 3RUNmy came to Johor Bahru to meet up JB traceurs and freerunners mostly from Shimura Runner and FRJB. It is a 1 day trip for Abudi to JB, but still we had an awesome training and jamming session with him. He shared some of his experiences and skills to us. Looking foward to have another session with u and the rest of the 3RUNmy members.